We use only the best wheat grown in the Isle of Man


Flour is a commodity which rises in public significance when worldwide wheat shortages adversely affect the price paid at the grocery checkout. At any other time its importance as a staple family food is substantially underrated.

However, on the Isle of Man – not part of the UK and independently governed - where heritage can be carefully traced through many centuries and ancient practices are meticulously catalogued, the importance of flour has never been overlooked.

For 150 years, Laxey Glen Mills has supplied the Isle of Man with the highest quality flour, having withstood during its lifetime to date, a number of enormous financial setbacks including three calamitous fires and the impact of two World Wars.

Modernisation has played an influential part in the Mill’s development especially in the latter part of the last century. The Mill has moved from producing flour using circular stones in its formative years to the fully computerized high-speed mill roll method employed today.

150 years of flour milling in the Isle of Man

Isle of Man farmers have played their part as well and for many years all milling wheat used in the production of flour at Laxey Glen Mills has been grown on Isle of Man farms. This, of course, provides an excellent provenance when marketing the top-class flour.

Isle of Man residents have enjoyed bread baked from Laxey flour for many, many years, the quality and the purity of the flour is recognized by an increasing number of bakers in the UK who place the provenance of the wheat used and the absence of any additives required under UK regulations as a highly important feature of the Laxey product.

The complete range of Laxey flour – currently consisting of 15 varieties - is available to the retail customer in 1.5kg bags and to the baker in 16kg and 32kg sacks.